Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Well, this is my first posting concering the food that I have prepared over the last few days. It's exciting to be on this awesome food journey -- I'm so pumped!!

Tomato Chutney Sandwich with Tofu,
Green Pepper, Dulse on Toasted Flax Seed Bread

It started with a surprise visit by my cousin, Srikanth, who now lives in San Diego (Qualcomm geek). In his honour, I decided to make a scrumptuous tomato chutney sandwich with remnants of a sun gold cherry tomato soup we made in class (the pulp left over from using a chinoise to press-puree the tomatoes that were cooked in miso, amongst other things!).

I created this cool sandwich with tomato chutney, tofu, green pepper, and dulse (seaweed) on flax seed bread. It actually turned out better than I thought, and I personally loved the mixture of textures it created as it melted in your mouth:

Dulse added some unique flavour to the dish.

Curry Leaf Garnish

The curry leaf acted like a small "amuse bouche" just before biting into the sandwich. I encouraged my cousin to bite into it first before consuming the meal.


I need to work on the presentation. Especially when you toast bread it crumbles all over the plate. But then again, it was for my cousin, and I don't think he noticed. Anyways...let's see what he says about the food, more importantly!

We finished the sandwich off with a cold glass of soybean milk, which helped to soften the impact of the spice in the tomato chutney.


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